Vape Wild Review

Vape Wild Review

There is one place where vapor is wild instead of tame, and that is Dallas, Texas, home of Vape Wild. The staff looks like they have lots of fun at work, but not too much. They still are well aware of where the line needs to be drawn between professionalism and having fun.

About Vape

Vape Wild’s passion is e juice. They specialize in providing affordable products, which is probably the main reason why the online company and its team is growing so rapidly.

A majority of the time they ship orders out within 24 hours, and provide shipping on all orders of $30+. They also send free juice out with all orders over $15 in value.

That is very generous of them, and their customers really appreciate it. As far as this team is concerned, everyone receives quality. You are provided with what they believe is the finest American e liquid that can be purchased online. They offer the lowest prices and are kept low due to great wholesaler relationships, experience and consistency.

For the staff at Vape Wild, relationships are very important. It is a great place to work and the staff takes great pride in saying that as well as providing great customer service. You can expect to be completely satisfied at all times.

What Exactly Is America E Juice?

Many vapor companies bottle their e liquids within the United States, however it is made with international ingredients. There are no compromises made at Vape Wild. They only sell e liquids that are made out of US ingredients and they are bottled inside their Texas clean room. The company uses food-grade flavorings, vegetable glycerin (VG), food-grade propylene glycol (PG) and USP nicotine. Also, there isn’t anything contained in their e liquids like toxic ingredients that you need to be concerned about.

Vape Wild E Juice Categories

Vape Wild offers the regular selection of e juice categories. You can filter your search to find many different kinds of flavorful e juices by selecting fruit or desserts; tobacco or menthol; beverages or candy; or you can even try out a breakfast style vape. They even had a heading which is called “Pretentious” e juice, which is pretty amusing if you ask me.

They are poking fun at the overly complicated blends that are manufactured and sold by places like Five Pawns but aren’t actually for sale. I’m sure they highly respect one another and it’s just an inside joke. Those vape experts are all able to take a joke after all.

Choose a Sample Pack

One good way of trying out the Vape Wild flavors without needing to pay the full price (which isn’t actually that high to begin is) is to purchase a sample pack. There are 3 different six-packs to choose from, with each priced at $16.99 for a total of 60 ml.

That is around $1 less than it would cost to buy each flavor individually at $2.99 per 10 ml. plastic bottle. Choose the Summer pack, the Soda pack, or create your own through choosing your own PG/VG and nicotine blend, both of which apply to each bottle.

E Juice Types Available From Vape Wild

Their categories do have some overlap with some flavors showing up in fruit, tobacco and menthol. That makes it look like the company has more e juices to offer than they actually do, however they still have a good selection. In general, they favor simple e liquids that combine one, two or perhaps three flavors.

The Breakfast section offers a few cereal selections include Rice Krispies if you were to add in a teaspoon of sugar to your bowl of crackling puffed rice. Then there is the spicy, baked goodness of Cinnamon Roll.

In the Beverages section I really liked their Cousin Brother’s Roommates Rootbeer. This is definitely not your father’s soft drink. The Cherry Cola is reminiscent of a delicious summer drink.

In the Candy section you can choose, savory, sweet or sour. For savory, go with the Black Jelly Beans, for sweet there is Bubble Pop and for minty try Candy Cane. Desserts such as Bananaza Bread and B+C2 (Blueberries and Cream) combine density of a nice treat with fruit.

Some of their fruits sound really refreshing. Banabacco is of course banana tobacco, while Blue Harvest is a blend of lemon, blueberries and watermelon. Some of their other tobaccos are intended to taste like improved versions of cigarettes such as Wrangler and Lights, however Vanilla Tobacco and RY4 are very familiar to vapers already.

Some of their mentholated versions are reminiscent of the old Menthol cigarettes, but something completely different there is Cowboy Cooler with ChocoMint or mixed berries. Choose 12, 9, 6, 3, 1.5, o mg of nicotine per milliliter of e liquid.

Element E Liquid Review

Welcome to our review on the award-winning Element E-Liquid. The company is originally from Florida with fulfillment locations in both the United States and the UK. In fact, the British really love Element E-Liquids, which is why it made perfect sense to add a location where orders could be filled locally on both sides of the Atlantic. Glasgow, Scotland is the location of the UK fulfillment facility.

Award Winners

Element E-liquids Awards

Element E-Liquids has such great e juices that they have actually won awards at some of the leading vape shows.

Those flavors include Watermelon Chill, Pink Lemonade and Fresh Squeeze. This is a great place to start if you are especially interested in purchasing e liquid that are highly acclaimed by the e juice community.


If you are new to Element E-Liquids and the e liquids they have to offer, one of the first categories you will want to consider is the bestsellers. That will give you a chance to see which ones other customers like the best. That can be a very comfortable way to shop and give you confidence that you are purchasing quality products.

Some of the bestselling Element e juice include the award winners mentioned above. As you might have guessed, Fresh Squeezes tastes just like fresh-squeezed orange juice does. Other popular flavors include Key Lime Cookies, Strawberry Whip and Crema, which tastes like several delicious desserts at the same time.

Have you ever wondered what it would taste like eating tiramisu, cake rolls and eclairs all at the same time? You don’t need to wait any longer. With Element E-Liquids you can vape them completely calorie free.

Shop Alphabetically

Once you have a better idea of what you are searching for you can shop in a different way if you want. You can go by name or price, or through the alphabet backwards or forwards. If you start at the beginning you will start with 555 Tobacco, and then Apple and Acai and end with Zen.

The Zen flavor is a mixture of sweet peach, passion flower, lychee and guava. Each 10 ml plastic bottle of e liquid begins at $6.99. The 20 ml bottle is over twice the price, however it comes with a J-tip dropper and in a glass bottle.

Vapor Chasers And E Juice For Public

Basic e juices are made by Element, however they also make dripping liquid. So if you use a sub ohm system, check out their viscous liquid selection for high watts and sub ohm resistance. Usually they are the same flavors but have just been changed from 50/50 over to 20/80. A 60 ml flash can also be purchased from the series for $69. I wasn’t able to tell the difference between Emulsions and these two unless it is just about new flavors being offered.

Nicotine Levels

E juice can be purchased with nicotine or without it. For individuals who have recently converted to vaping and are used to throat hit or don’t want to quit nicotine, the ratios begin at 18 mg. They then steady drop all the way down to 3 mg per ml.


The site is definitely on the busy side. Up in the top panel there is lots going on. It changes on a regular basis, like a slide show does. It would be a lot easier to read if they settled things down a bit and broke the information up on separate pages.

About Element’s E Juice

Element makes its e liquids in a US lab that has ISO 9001:2008 certification and uses American ingredients. So when it comes to your safety, Element can be trusted. The vape products are handled and managed within hygienic condition which are regularly inspected and regulated. American nicotine is one of the ingredients, which results in it being pre-steeped at all times. Therefore you don’t need to put the e liquid you buy in a cool, dark cupboard and have to wait for its flavors to mature.